Tuesday, 17 May 2011

McClatchy reports: US verifies our bodies - shot and rammed down but...

They have finally released a picture and a "report" on their viewing of our bodies, almost 40 days after were DEAD!!
This, of course is far too short of what is expected humanly of those who once used to share our homemade bread, food and drinks.. and even our security in camp Ashraf.

I should remind all of those who still have slightest spark of conscience left that "Camp Ashraf" was known between MNFI troops and generals as the "safest haven" in Iraq, where they could feel at home and in an environment of understanding and co-existence. A haven that provided them with kindness and habitual and true humane relation, not based on balance of power but on sheer human values.
For the Ashraf residents, obligation is an honor to be kept and is not for sale
They are those who not far from us , witnessed daily struggle to make Ashraf as it is : an Oasis in a desert! and a safe haven for all including themselves. Ashraf which was the centre of cuktrural communication of ribes together and with Iranian residents. A place of mutual understanding, intelctual disput and dialpgue and workshops to promote agriculture health and socail understanding .

And of course they are those who understand very well that unlike what they seem to propagate out of "good will", any forceful displacement of Ashraf residents is only a paving of a new massacre. We will never be forced to do anything. We still stand for Freedom till a mutual respect and understanding is achieved first. !

After April massacre, U.S. seeks to relocate Iranian militants in Iraq

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