Sunday, 22 May 2011

Hail to students in Tabriz Uni-Iran: students slam former regime FM during visit .

Students at the University of Tabriz (northwestern Iran) staged a protest against a visit by the Iranian regime’s former Foreign Minister, Manouchehr Mottaki, Daneshjou News reported on Tuesday.

Daneshjou News said Mottaki, who was sacked last December, visited Tabriz University on Saturday to speak about regional issues, but was instead met with angry and persistent questions by the students, especially concerning the suppression of people in Syria by the regime’s allied ruler.

At one point, agents of the regime’s security office on campus were forced to interfere to prevent students from asking further questions.

When one of the students referred to the reigniting of the student movement, Mottaki cut him short. But when met with the students’ angry reaction, he was forced to stop talking.

A protesting student asked, “You pretend to support the people of Bahrain, but why did you suppress those who poured into the streets after the elections [in Iran]?”


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