Friday, 30 September 2011

n appeal from Evin prison .

Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi who is imprisoned in Tehran's Evin prison since October 8, 2006‎ appealed to international human lawyers and organizations to support those who are imprisoned in  by the Iranian regime for standing up for democracy and freedom.
His statement that appeared in some websites said that the "defenseless prisoners are tortured physically and psychologically, at worst in solidarity confinements" by Iranian regime's henchmen and "they fall prey to a variety of acute and chronic diseases, which irreparably damage their health."

"We appeal to you, the independent and free international media as well as the leading independent and free international judicial institutions, particularly the UN: Do not abandon us," the statement added.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu Message for my city Ashraf .

Delivered by her daughter Nontombi Tutu, at the international meeting at the
UN Headquarters in Geneva  September 21, 2011 on Ashraf

“I have in the past expressed my support for the people of Camp Ashraf. They have been granted protected status by both the United Nations and the multinational force headed by the United States and Iraq.
 Since responsibility for their protection has been transferred to the Iraqi military, the camp has experienced harassment by both Iranian and Iraqi forces. The attacks and harassment experienced by the residents of the camp are in fact human rights abuses that require condemnation from all freedom-loving people.
Just this month, the UN High Commission for Refugees has declared its intention to consider individual applications for refugee status by residents of the camp.
“I ask the Iraqi Government and the international community to respect the integrity of this process, and to see to it that the residents of Camp Ashraf are ensured their safety and security, so that the UNHCR can fulfill its mandate in a safe and confidential location.”
I am Desmond Tutu, Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town.
September 20th, 2011, New York, New York.”

Swiss mull asylum for Iranian opponents

Switzerland is considering whether to take in refugees belonging to the controversial Iranian group, the People’s Mohajedin, currently living in Camp Ashraf in Iraq.

The organisation, which opposes what it calls the “mullahs’ regime” in Iran, was supported by the ousted Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, and had several bases in Iraq when he was in power.

However, the current Iraqi government has friendly ties with Iran and wants to get rid of the Mohajedin as soon as possible.

The Swiss cabinet discussion of the issue comes after the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said on September 13 that camp residents who had submitted requests for refugee status are to be regarded as asylum-seekers under international law.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Will U.N. Chief Ban Ki-Moon Do the Right Thing and Protect Iranian Dissidents?

Each September, like clockwork, a bestiary of the world’s worst rogues and criminal heads of state arrive at the U.N. building on First Avenue to join in the organization’s opening of the 193-member United Nations General Assembly. 
This season, the winner of the contest for “greatest rogue with diplomatic immunity” is, once again, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran – a president with blood on his hands and nukes in his dreams who will get his 8" by 10” glossy photograph of a handshake with U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon--and a P.R. platform supported by U.S. tax dollars. 

Each September, like clockwork, a bestiary of the world’s worst rogues and criminal heads of state arrive at the U.N. building on First Avenue to join in the organization’s opening of the 193-member United Nations General Assembly. 
This season, the winner of the contest for “greatest rogue with diplomatic immunity” is, once again, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran – a president with blood on his hands and nukes in his dreams who will get his 8" by 10” glossy photograph of a handshake with U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon--and a P.R. platform supported by U.S. tax dollars. 
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Senior Panels Denounces Ahmadinejad's Visit to the United States, Urges the U.S. to Stand with the Iranian Opposition, HRDIP Conference

WASHINGTON, Sept. 18, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- On Saturday, September, 17, 2011, a senior panel of former Secretaries, Generals, and Governors, as well as State and Justice Departments officials denounced the presence of the Iranian regime's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the United Nations, and urged the removal of Iran's main opposition, the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK), from the State Department's list of Foreign Terrorist Organization, according to Human Rights and Democracy International.

Will Ban Ki-Moon Save 3400 Asraf Residents?

International Conference in Geneva:
Urgent Call to UN Secretary General and High Commission for Human Rights and the United States
Following Recognition of Rights of Ashraf Residents as “Asylum Seekers” by UNHCR, UN Observers should be Stationed in Ashraf until Resettlement is Finalized
Maryam Rajavi: Deployment of a permanent observing team, recognition of refugee status of all residents, and pressing the Iraqi government to cancel the 2011 deadline, are three necessary measures to protect Ashraf 
In an international conference held in Geneva on Thursday, September 22 by the Swiss Committee in Defense of Ashraf, prominent European and American dignitaries and personalities expressed their deep concerns about intentions of the Iranian regime and the Iraqi government against residents of Ashraf and especially the illegally set deadline of December 2011 for closing the camp.  The conference called on the UN Secretary General, the UN High Commission for Refugees and UN High Commission for Human Rights as well as the United States to take immediate measures to provide protection for Camp Ashraf and prevent repeat of similar massacres of the past and also press the Iraqi government to cancel the 2011 deadline until the resettlement to third countries of all residents is finalized.

The conference takes place at a time when UNHCR in a statement on 13 September declared that all residents of Ashraf are “Asylum Seekers” and should be protected and facilitated for according to international law.  In a conference at the United Nations on 21 September, senior members of European Parliament, human rights advocates and NGOs stressed that UN observers should be stationed at Ashraf until completion of all UNHCR work and finalization of the transfer of all residents to third countries.
The conference emphasized that at a time when the Iranian regime is seriously at work, preparing the grounds for another attack on Ashraf, it is most urgent that efforts be made to safe guard the residents of the camp and to prevent another humanitarian crisis.
Lack of action by pertinent international organizations, the US and the European Union in dealing with this crisis has allowed the mullahs’ regime and its collaborators in Iraq to commit crimes against Ashraf for the past two years. The attacks in July 2009 and the massacre of April 2011 left forty seven dead and one thousand seventy one more wounded.  The conference participants particularly criticized the US for not fulfilling the commitment of protection that was signed with each individual residents of Ashraf in return for turning over their weapons. The conference participants reiterated that the US bares full responsibility in case of another massacre and blood bath in the camp.  The conference also called on the US President and the State Department to remove PMOI (People’s Mujahedin Organization of Iran – MeK) from the terrorist list as the first necessary step towards guaranteeing the safety of the residents of Ashraf.
The speakers in the conference included; Madame Maryam Rajavi, the President elect of the Iranian Resistance, Mr. Rudi Giuliani, former mayor of New York  and a 2008 presidential candidate, Edward Randal, former Governor of Pennsylvania (2002 – 2011) and former Chairman of Democratic Party (2000), Judge Michael Mukasey, former US Attorney General (2007 – 2009), John Bruton, former Prime Minister of Ireland (1997 – 2004) and the Ambassador of European Union to the US (2004 – 2005), General James Conway, Commander of US Marine Corps (2006 – 2010) and Commander of US Marine corps in Iraq , Louis Ferry, Director of FBI (1993 – 2001), Günter Verheugen  , European Commissioner (1999- 2009) and former German Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Mitchell Reiss, head of strategy development for the US State Department (2003 – 2005), and a number of European Parliamentarians including Jean-Charles  Rielle, Eric Voruz, Eric Barthassat (Swiss), Senator Giorgio Bornacin (Italy), Dr. Matthew Offord (UK), Remy Pagani, Member of Geneva Administrative Council.  The conference was initiated by remarks from Nils Dedardel, Lawyer and Co-president of Swiss Committee in Defense of Ashraf and presented by Eric Sottas, former General Secretary of World Organization against Torture.
In her speech, Mrs. Rajavi stated that, “The mullahs’ regime is facing crisis in four fronts. Namely, a deeply frustrated and angry society that is ready to burst, the Arab spring and the dismantling of its front in the region, an ever growing economic crisis, and the infighting among its different factions. Despite these realities and despite the heroic uprisings of the Iranian people, the regime is still in power for two main reasons; its unprecedented suppression apparatus and the active and unequivocal international support, especially from the western governments.”
Mrs. Rajavi stressed that, “By branding PMOI as terrorists and tolerating the Iranian regime and its proxies’ activities against Ashraf, the West is has practically participated in suppression of the Iranian people and has acted as the key element preventing any change in Iran.”
Mrs. Rajavi added, “The situation, as far as Ashraf is concerned, adds to the responsibilities of the United Nations. Especially after the partial recognition of the rights of the residents by the UNHCR, the Secretary General and the Commission for Human Rights should take the initiative to protect Ashraf residents. This is a mission that will certainly receive support from many countries and parties in the international arena.” Mrs. Rajavi stressed that, “Even if the United States would refrain from protecting the UN team in Ashraf, the Iranian Resistance is ready to provide the budget necessary to protect them.”
Mrs. Rajavi stated three urgent measures to be taken to protect Ashraf:
1-      The Secretary General, UNAMI and the High Commissioner of Human Rights to put Ashraf under their permanent observation by stationing a team of observers at the camp.
2-      UNHCR to recognize the refugee status of all residents as fast as possible. 
3-      The United States to participate in provisioning and guaranteeing the rights and protections stressed on the 13 September statement of UNHCR and press Iraq to cancel the deadline to close Ashraf.”

Monday, 12 September 2011

President Obama; MEK Blacklisting Has Justified Murder Of My Daughter, Saba

This is my dad's article. He tried so hard to stop my bleeding and get me to a proper place. However, the Iraqi's would not allow him in time. He is still trying to prevent other deaths. Those many who were shot or crushed by Humvees on 8 April 2011. The Iraqis attacked our city Ahraf and plunged a curfew on our place. It's at least 16 months that we cannot bring proper food and medicine into our Camp.
Only this week they installed special dishes to create noise and cut out our communication to the outside world.
This, I know is a new plan for out massacre
And President OBAMA, does not want us alive ! If he did, would he not react to all this clear preperation for murder?
Is it not enough to have so many innocent lives killed in 9/11 by terrorists, and now more than 3400 people in our city Ashraf,  waiting to face the same attack? ?
In 9/11, the mullahs indirectly help the perpetuators, on this occasion too. They are indirectly helping the perpetrators.
But where does the White house stand on this?!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

MEK-PMOI Women All Leadership- New Elections: Democracy in its altitude

It was a hair – raising experience.
I was watching moments that will be recalled many times in our history. For the first time in Iranian history, we are witnessing positive sexual integration in practice, challenging the most hazardous disputes in our times. Facing irreversible retributions and slanders by the Iranian regime, while at the same time saving lives of thousands and leading a movement that has managed to triumph over a religious regime in Iran. We have to give this leadership credit for the successive victories and the courage displayed by each and every one of them, in their confrontation with this misogynous regime that has cowed not only the US administration but 27 other countries in their failed policy to curb it.
It is the first time in our history that a women leadership has in practice resolved the most complicated organizational, philosophical and political settings, in order to be the only anti-thesis to the clerics in Iran and also in presenting the only Bastion for hope, for the populace in Iran.

Let’s face it, no other power has managed to stand firm against the mullahs so far.
Leading MEK women waving flags with joy for the new elected Se. Gen.
The Iranian history has to be looked at independently and not in comparison with other histories.
It defies practically all routines and methods of social change, since it has been subjected to a variety of exploitations and dictatorships. It may be a unique case in history where, during only a half a century, one nation has undergone a social evolution that may take other decades to undertake.

Iranians have had 100 years of plight for Freedom. So many Freedom movements have appeared in our history, each trying to confront one tyrant and brush aside one obstacle.

In Sattar Khan’s Constitutional revolution, the movement confronted a solid front of foreign powers, all interested in the natural wealth of the country and the geopolitical situation it offered in view of the war.

PMOI memebers each cast votes in various places
He stood firm but at last lost to a betrayal that came from Iranians who collaborated from the higher class with foreign hands.
At time of Mirza Kuchakkhan, the wave of National urge to be independent of the Russians who had usurped much of Iran’s National wealth  , once again due to subordination and short term benefit of the rich hierarchy in power, pushed the Russians back but , yet again a “Betrayal” from within Kuchak khans’ forces , cost him his head.
He was tracked down along with an American who has stood firm with him, called Buskervill. They both died as heroes.
Then came Mossadegh. He too faced an emerging new hierarchy the new bourgeoisie of the Shah’s time, this time subdued by first the British Empire and later by the US. They were searching for oil .

MEK/PMOI memebers each have a vote in the elections
 As Mossadegh stood firm against the oil fiasco-plot by British petroleum and US oil companies to usurp Iranian Natural wealth, his solution became handy and he nationalized the oil but lost his grounds in government .  at the end he was brushed asid and later called a traitor by a prominent Ayatollah , a good friend of Khomeini ( founder of the Islamic regime in Iran)
Democracy in its altitude
Today, the Iranian people are still struggling in a plight, the same one traced back to Sattar Khan, this time with much difference.
As I was looking at the scenes of the elections, a collection of feelings run though my heart and filled my veins. Adjectives and descriptions cannot elaborate what passed through me for moments.
It was as if dots in my past history collided with moments of triumph in our homeland Iran and rolled over on to the scenes I was looking at. A peculiar feeling of weightlessness; pride and security; fluffiness and independence; perseverance and at the same time responsibility run through me. It was the first time I felt love for those outside myself being so much as to feel needy to give up my own comfort for others , more like pure humanism and harmony with all that I can feel around me.

Men and Women MEK vote side by side with no negative competition

The triumph of all the good I ever thought of, that I could not imagine out of TV series was in front of me to prove and assert the truth: the MEK is lead by Women leadership who have resolved the most intricate social rights and fulfilled many dreams of many women right defenders. This is where these women have proved to be Leaders and Makers of the future.
It was a long time I had not seen another woman, striving to introduce with all resolve another woman, higher and more eligible for vote than herself. I listened with awe What Sedighe Hossieni -the previous secretary general had to say. One would expect a slight joyously or competition; in vain. But all said was awe, respect and richness of values that existed in the new Secretary General.
I would have thought this would end and there would be someone reflecting envy.
The next one who spoke, a candidate for election was all one word : My choice for election , when I voted was other than me . It was Zohre Akhiani.
The third candidate came to speak out . She too declared her inner wish and urge for yet another person to be elected: Zohre Akhiani
There was absolute will, choice and insight in every word uttered by all those who spoke.
For me, it seemed that all those , each represented a generation of the most intellectual, well bread , open minded and willed intellectuals I had ever wished to see in one place. In my city “ASHRAF”.
It was as if all our past history was repeating a generation’s wish: for Freedom and Democracy to be established in Iran.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Dear Hillary, I am afraid I will be murdered: Poem by 14 year old Iranian

Hello all
My name is Shaghayegh, (Poppy)
I have so many words to pour out from my heart – in Love
In love of Freedom..
I am talking to you: Oh .. Iranian children
Can you hear my bewailed voice?
Untold stories of gallantry trying to burst out..
Children , Do you know about our place .. Here I mean? In Ashraf?
This is Ashraf City, the land of the daring heroes
If the land seems red and covered with red flower petals..
They are all hearts, all poppies that once were and now brick our way to freedom..
Even in celebrations of Light over the Dark .. even at time of war, they are there
Even if our reflections are filled with stones and rays of darkness by the bad force
All there is .. All we have;  is for your tomorrows’
All we have our heart and in that, is your special place
In this city .. every memory is a bridge to gallantry
Here, each road, each ally reminds one of a poppy
My adorable, kind big brothers
The best sisters on Earth..
One of them, was my sister Faezeh
She was a miracle for my solitude
She spoke of the “Freedom” we could have tomorrow
When soaked by sorrow, she would speak to me of glee and joy
Under this solemn, grey worldly sky,
She.. She was a shining sun – over all goodness that ever was
In my missing moments and cold nights,
She filled my dad’s absence *
I  , I was always in love with her
I was always her little sis Shaghayegh
She would say: ‘ Shaghayegh , dads gone to God.
Look he is waving at us from up there!’
She would tell me …:
‘If I get killed .. when I am gone , when I am nearing the glorious sun 
Don’t ever say ‘What shall I do now!’
Cuz I am staring at you from above.
I will come and visit you. The love I have for u.. will never leave ‘
When she was leaving us.. When her eyes were closing..
Her cheeks filled with poppy petals
Yes .. She left us .. she was gone
But she reached the stars and the sun
She.. She was like a bird that flew up ..high up ..
Children let me tell you…
She wanted FREEDOM
She kept saying .. there is a PRICE for FREEDOM,
She wanted our future to change color and be BLUE
She wanted the sun to win over the clouds and shine on us
I can still hear her voice
Her flag.. the waving flag? I am carrying her Flag
Now and ever more,
I want to take her Flag
Its message for genuine life
And hoist it in Iran .. just like a waving flag
Waving over Iran when the breeze of change comes .. it will shout one name :
I will make sure its hoisted;  Under the name of IRAN

Shaghayegh is 14 and lives in Camp Ashraf. her sister was among those 36 who were shot in cold blood on 8 April 2011.
Her father was mudered by the mullahs in prison, some say under toture. His body was never given to his relatives but was burried clandestinly and later told to relatives.