Sunday, 22 May 2011

Iraqi parliamentarians scorn Al maliki for massacre in Camp ashraf call on UN for help

55 Iraqi Parliamentarians call on Ad Melkert, Special Representative of UN Secretary General in Iraq .

Support for the European Parliament’s plan for peaceful solution of Camp Ashraf crisis and rejection of the forceful relocation of Camp Ashraf residents inside Iraq

The Camp Ashraf case is important to us for both its national and human dimensions, and the April 8th disaster proved the validity of our warnings and concerns. This event is important because, on one hand, it is a sign of disrespect by our organs for the law and human rights, and on the other hand, a sign of lack of independence vis-à-vis foreign pressures, plots, and plans.

Presence of the European Parliament’s members in Iraq in late April and their plan that was presented after their return to Europe as formulated in their May 6 statement, is a peaceful and comprehensive solution for ending the current human crisis in Camp Ashraf.

We emphasize the necessity of supporting this plan and focusing all energies to carry that out.

Forceful relocation of Camp Ashraf residents inside Iraq which is brought up by certain political sides is creating a new crisis which creates additional unforeseeable dangers for the defenseless residents of Ashraf.

It must be reiterated that an independent investigation of what happened on April 8 and determining responsibilities of officials involved in this crime is a necessary step for resolution of this case.

Until a comprehensive solution is in place, the American Forces and the United Nations have important responsibilities and it is imperative for them to oversee these conditions.


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