Sunday, 22 May 2011

Khamnei vs AN: Report says Khamenei has given permission to verbally attack Ahmadinejad to soften shock of his removal should crisis intensifies .

NCRI - According to reliable reports received from sources inside the regime, after Ahmadinejad prevented mullah Moslehi from participating in the cabinet meeting for a second time, a session of regime’s Supreme Security Council was held at Khamenei’s order and it was decided that should Ahmadinejad insists on rejecting Moslehi, he would be ousted. A number of IRGC commanders, including Jafari, and a few members of regime’s parliament participated in this meeting and a number of decisions were made.

Subsequent to this meeting, Ahmadinejad, who contrary to regime’s traditions had not participated in the first 3 nights of annual ceremonies, showed up in the fourth and last night at Khamenei’s residence and invited Moslehi to the next cabinet meeting.

According to this report, Ahmadinejad has terminated the three ministers of Oil, Industry, and Welfare for their differences with Mashaei, and merging the ministries were only an excuse for him to remove them from their posts.

It is reported that Khamenei has now given his people permission to use verbal attacks against Ahmadinejad and criticize him at will, in order to reduce the shock and disorientation of regime’s forces, should the crisis intensifies and the decision for removal of Ahmadinejad is made.

This report indicates that Khamenei is trying to separate Ahmadinejad from Mashaei and the arrests of Ahmadinejad’s associates in recent weeks were aimed at this goal.

On the other hand, Ahmadinejad-Mashaei band believe that Khamenei does not have the power to remove Ahmadinejad, since such an action would be a serious blow to the regime, therefore, Khamenei will have to agree to Ahmandinejad’s actions, and such acquiescence will pave the way for Ahmadinejad’s future steps


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