Monday, 20 February 2012

Weekly Bulletin: 2/12-2/19

Human Rights Violations:

This week, the Iranian regime continued its suppression of religious minorities and arrested 10 Christians in a household prayer meeting, and detained a Christian priest in Karaj Prison. Eight Baha’is were also arrested in Mashhad.

In fear of the 25 Bahman protests and upcoming elections, the Iranian regime clamped down on satellite TVand blocked Internet access. As a result of the protests, Basiji forces arrested a large number of protesters.

This week in political prisoner news, the mother of a jailed journalist says she doesn’t know why her son was arrested, and isn’t getting any answers. Kouhyar Goudarzi has been imprisoned for 200 days now, and has recently been transferred to a Solitary Cell.

In other news, Iranian exiles have begun their relocation into a new site in Iraq.


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