Thursday, 23 February 2012

Iranian regime sentences man to eye gouging

Massoumeh Atayi’s lawyer said that a retribution sentence was issued in his client’s case [in which Atayi’s father in law threw acid on her face]. This is the second eye retribution sentence issued in cases related to acid attacks in the country’s courts.

“According to the verdict by the 17th branch of the Isfahan Penal Court, Hossein-Ali Hemat who was convicted in this case was sentenced to eye retribution and my client has to pay half of the blood money of the convict’s eye for the sentence to be carried out”, Alireza Mokhtari added…

“This verdict can be appealed during the next 20 days and if [no one] files for an appeal, it will become definite”, he added.

The court for Massoumeh Atayi’s father in law, who threw acid on his daughter in law’s face last August was held on January 31 in the 17th branch of the Isfahan Penal Court. (ISNA state-run News Agency – Feb. 20, 2012)


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