Tuesday, 14 February 2012

IRAN: NUCLEAR: MEK , Ahmadinejad owes a thank you to Richard Engel and Robert Windrem at MSNBC

This is a seed :
What would be the best deal Ahmadinejad and the mullahs wish to get while they are facing an existential threat?
What would be the best escape goat for the tyrants in Iran?

Try to imagine the situation: on one side we have a dithering regime that is brewing with infightings reflected almost in every news article of its state run papers; wasting away because of the effects of the sanctions coupled with rising dissatisfaction within its own factions let alone the Iranians; losing grip over its dreamed Empire based on a Religious Jurisprudence; losing its long time ally in Syria because of a resolved people in the Middle East; and worst of all having to deal with an ever growing opposition which has proved to be worst for its existence than the stuxnet virus : the MEK.

Obviously such a mediaeval tyrant would not leave without a fight as has been the case in history.
The billions of dollars of blood money it has pumped into a multi-million dollar face-lifting campaign has another side to it : a deadly smear campaign focused on its worst nightmare : the MEK which has been its main opposition since 35 years ago.

Following the situation above any new analysis or fact would be essential to tilt the balance either to the side of the Ayatollahs or their pro-democratic opposition.
It would be only fair to conclude that those involved in the costly battle to win over the “evil” ruling Iran, would feel the knife in the back and salt to injury by viewers who have no real intelligence of the details of practicalities in the battle filed and are ignorant of the deceptive tactics used by the “evil” which is ruling and has the stronger hand.

It may be true to go back to parables such as the battle fought by Spartacus in the arena against the Tyrants of the day. What would happen if the crowd judged on Spartacus before he had the chance to prove his will to resist the tyrants? What effect would any positive propaganda for the tyrant have on the battle field?

What our two ‘clever’ and yet deeply nostalgic colleagues have been able to do in their article is amazing. They have managed to aid the tyrants in this case to derail attention from the cunning, murderous and bloody events in the battle filed to fictitious facts against their opposition and create friction amongst the audience who has not yet taken sides to the best advantage of the Tyrants.

A random look through the 2540 comments made on the fictitious ‘spy me’ series released by our ‘respected’ MNBC, would no doubt take away any sympathy one might have had for our colleagues and leave a confusing assumption that they have either been too busy connecting the peaces together to make a spy series authentic or unfortunately have taken the Ayatollahs’ bate to be used as independent and professional journalists, to throw the blame of the killing of the Iranian scientist on the opposition of those who have done it.

The comments leave no doubt on the “rift” and confliction the story has made amongst those who have not yet sided with the mullahs in Iran, which would leave Tehran quit satisfied.

The reason for my interest is the shame I felt when reading the piece for allowing our profession be used as a tool by the same ayatollahs who despise us and have killed, imprisoned and released  religious fatwas against our colleagues around the world. Obviously those who stand for the truth and are resolved to reveal it would have difficult decisions to make since they would have to face a price to keep our principals in journalism intact of bribes and threats. The shame concerning this article is that our colleagues are ignorant of the least knowledge concerning the subject’s history, changes and sensitive circumstances and yet shield the tyrants.

It is irrefutably wrong to deny the fact that the MEK has been the only and unique force that has so far been able to stay “unbent” to a billion dollar smear campaign that has cost them lives, and is still firm to continue its quest for the freedom of its people, like any other resistance movement.

The truth may be hurtful for our ‘colleagues’ Richard Engel and Robert Windrem but ethics leaves no choice for me other than to share my shame with many others who know that “democracy can be betrayed”  even by our own guild. The brotherhood of the “pen” has never been so serious than now. while hundreds of our colleagues have been enchained by the tyrants in Iran: the butchers of not only freedom, but of thought and souls of beings. It is a shame to grant the clerics the satisfaction and pretext for more killing and bloodshed through deceptive journalism.

As an investigative journalist, my point of view is shared by many of other colleagues; it would be disastrous to submit ones conscious to a short term objective when involved in a written project. Our path in writing is a very narrow and dangerous one, that could balance us on either side of the truth and false if we take the wrong decisions. The nature of our profession does not allow for “uncertainties” and “unresolved” issues while collecting the facts that deal with sensitive subjects concerning War or genocide.

The MEK, as acknowledged by 36 UN affiliated organizations, the European Parliament, the Council of Europe and even the State Department, is a sensitive subject on the table for all European countries as well as the US government because it involves a “Humanitarian Crisis” as tragic as Srebrenica.

Going back to our parable: It is unethical and wrong to imply mistrust for ‘Spartacus’ while he is fighting the battle of his life to determine lives of thousands of other slaves by our irresponsible deductions and assumptions. This is what Richard Engle and Robert Windrem have done in their adventurous article when they imply confusion and mistrust about the MEK as they face the Clerical tyrants in Iran. The shameful question is: At what price and who is going to pay it?

The price is being already paid by those under torture in mullahs’ prisons and those waiting to be hanged in the tortuous dungeons where prisoners have to trade parts of bodies to bribe guards to stay alive.
When silence is an accomplice of genocide surely misguiding facts is more than being accomplice to genocide.

The price for the truth has always been high, but we should remember that at last it is the truth that will prevail and those trying to hide it will stray away.

We must remember Salman Rushdie and appreciate the price freedom seekers in Iran such as MEK have paid on our behalf to safeguard our rights today.

The least we could do is to safeguard our principles in professional journalism and not become the knife that would stab ‘Spartacus’ for the tyrants


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