Sunday, 22 July 2012

UN-US –MEK: Good License to Kill

Egyptian parliament majority and 4000 EU lawmakers condemn US-UN debacle in handling Camp Liberty brewing crisis.

Camouflaged siege by Iraqi forces of refugee Camp; dehydration in sky-high temperatures; blocking basic needs of residents condemned in report by committee of 4000 lawmakers to UN Security Council.
After the recent mediatic bravado by the US State department that conditioned its belated legal obligation to the evacuation of a refugee Camp in Diyala province of Iraq, the situation has evolved into a humanitarian time bomb.
A committee of 4000 European lawmakers issued a report to the Security Council on the escalating humanitarian crisis in two Camps that house members of the pro-democracy opposition to Tehran, MEK.
The report which has been prepared in 10 sections, after reviewing the events in the past three months in two camps of Ashraf and Liberty, presents urgent and necessary requirements for the conclusion of relocation of the residents to Liberty in 10 and 5 articles respectively to the Security Council and while appealing for the Councils’ support.
The core message of the report is sharply accentuated over the ongoing diplomatic tussling of the US during pre-election nuclear talks with Tehran:
“Any relocation (of residents) to Liberty without providing the minimum (needs of residents) might bear catastrophic consequences to the residents…. The first step should be by the SRSG (Martin Kobler) to report the obstructions of Iraq with no reservation to the Security Council calling for its active intervention.”
The report specifies that the Government of Iraq (GOI) has repeatedly violated the ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ since seven months ago when it was signed by the GOI and UN, and has infringed most of the pledges it has given through the UN and U.S. government to Ashraf residents for relocation to Liberty.
Highlighting Iraqi government constant profane violations of rights the committee stressed;
“There is no substance … at least 8 points have remained unresolved including connection of Liberty to the city water network or pumping water from a river adjacent to the camp, transfer of the main generators of 1.5 Mega Watt, allowing the sale of the movable and immovable properties and its start, constructions of special facilities for disabled and ill people, transfer of the six utility vehicles, three vehicles and 6 trailers for the disabled, transfer of 5 forklifts and 50 passenger cars. They (residents) have constantly restricted their demands with maximum goodwill seeking a peaceful relocation. But the GOI has not abided by its commitments.”
Unilateral pressure compelled on the leadership of the residents to accept the inhuman conditions imposed by Iraqi forces at the behest of Tehran, have been condemned by majority of votes in theItalianEgyptianCanada, Malta, Lithuania and the European Parliament.
The majority members of the U.S. House of Representatives and dozens of the most prominent former U.S. national security officials have defended the rights of Ashraf residents and have been critical of the U.S. for reneging of its legal, political, and moral obligation to the residents.
With no running water, no electricity at night, vipers roaming free, no access to doctors or lawyers, and excrement from the broken sewage plant running around the dwellings like a stream, any comparison between Camp Liberty and a concentration camp is not out of sarcasm.
What the government of Iraq is planning to do with residents in Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty is frighteningly reminiscent of what Hitler did to the Warsaw Ghetto in 1942.
In a recent statement, the opposition appealed to the International community for intervention over the approaching “heated “ month of fasting (Ramadan) and the shortage of water, which is the result of a long term plot to dehydrate the residents.
“It is past time to supply water by tankers for 2000 inhabitants at Camp Liberty and if the camp would not be connected to the city network or water channel expeditiously, the situation would become more critical.”
Instead of speaking out about the truth and being critical of the Government of Iraq for its violations of the MoU, an anonymous U.S. official lambasted the group of U.S. dignitaries, including three Joint Chiefs of Staff of the U.S. Armed Forces; an attorney General; two directors of CIA; a Secretary of Homeland Security; and a Director of FBI; who have called for adhering to the U.S. commitments and principles.
High stake diplomacy will take its toll. The Question is how much UN and US representatives are willing to compromise humanitarian foundations?
The report by 4000 lawmakers has this to say:
“It would be very regrettable if the SRSG or the U.S. Secretary of State’s Special Advisor put the residents under pressure for resuming relocation instead of pressuring the GOI to fulfill these demands. We strongly believe that continuation and completion of relocation must be done after these minimums are met.”


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