Saturday, 14 July 2012

MEK-US : Sweet Lives Forsaken In Blood Policy

Last week, the State Department released a deadline for evacuation of Iranian opposition Camp Ashraf, leaving the residents only one choice: go to a prisoncamp Liberty.
This statement is not only shocking for the Iranian community but also a charade that only fulfills election purposes at the expense of another Srebrenica; this time at the doorstep of Washington.
Slaughtering so blatantly the basic right to life of 3400 opposition refugees under the eyes of world media only has one alarming message for the American people:
It does not take a bloody Srebrenica or a blatant execution of an Afghan woman in public to test a Nation's morality. Officially garbling the truth about basic human rights violations in Camp Ashraf-Liberty by Iraqi forces loyal to Iran is what it takes to bury American integrity. Once past the threshold, no Nation will survive the creeping corruption that would follow.

Men make history. They can also crumble it to ashes.

State department officials made irresponsible and obstructive remarks in their recent statement to the press. It is obvious for the active Persian community inside, and outside Iran that the comments were a consequence of a deadlock in foreign policy well interpreted by the Iranian regime as a weak sign.
It will not, however, wash away practical obligations of the US towards international humanitarian law; Negligence of the Dutch government during the massacre that occurred in the Bosnian town in 1995 was recalled by international courts.

Depriving People Of Basic Rights

Camp residents are practically asked to deprive themselves voluntarily of basic rights that we all take for granted such as: 
  • Power generators that provide drinking water and electricity, air conditioners and fridges to allow minimum life conditions in soaring temperatures.
  • Camp Ashraf has its own Air-conditioner that will save the residents in the overheated Liberty camp. They must be allowed to transfer all of them to provide for the overcrowded and prison like conditions in Liberty.
  • Their own cars that allow mobility for the injured. (many intentionally injured by Iraqis)
  • Their own portable property that could be sold to support the residents for food and water.
  • Lift trucks that prevent crippling labor enforced by Iraqi forces that killed one resident (Bardia Amir-Mostofian)
  • Five trucks that were stolen from the fifth convoy during their relocation, along with five forklifts must be allowed to be taken to Liberty as personal integrity of the refugees.
  • Refugees cannot be prevented from making pathways or shades for the handicapped and personnel at their own expense. Plants cannot be refused entry into Liberty if the residents can afford them. Even in Prisons, prisoners can buy items if they are affordable.
  • Merchants or bidders must be allowed access to Ashraf to negotiate and buy the movable property as soon as possible and to make advanced payment and start making partial payments to the residents before the resumption of the relocation of the next convoy. The Iraqi government slick attempts to harass and threaten the merchants in every approach to hamper the process must be stopped.
  • Iraqi Government should provide permission to sign the necessary agreements to sell property in Camp Ashraf with third independent parties present. Iraqi mishandling and looting of property has left no room for trust and therefore, residents preconditions must be legitimized.
  • Supporting The Iranian Opposition

    As a former political prisoner and current exile, having spent five years in Iranian regime torture chambers, I can proudly express my profound support for the Iranian opposition members in both camps. The splendour of being able to repel a religious tyranny for the sake of mankind is always challenged by negative rhetoric in an ad hominem manner. There are more than 1000 women in the Camp; each testimonial of the excruciating struggle of women against misogyny and Islamic fundamentalism. At least, 1000 former political prisoners and living proof of unspoken atrocities of the Clerical fascists are surviving under the 50 degree Celsius heat without basic needs such as drinking water and food.
    We do not have to reach far to appreciate heroes. We do not have to watch and react after a Srebrenica to bring to justice those responsible for War crimes.

    Undoing State Department Damage

    To revitalize smeared morality, the State Department can undo the damage it has caused the nation:
    Stop lies; stop delays; act according to the Law and side with Justice
    There are practical steps to be taken. Every dictator is an enemy of freedom, an opponent of law and Justice. If the Obama Administration was to prove its grandeur before the elections, it must take the ultimate leap and draw a strong and permanent red line with the Tyrants:
    Respect calls by 630 world politicians and policy makers who defended the dissidents in both camps and demanded the US to stand decisively against Iraqi manipulation of the MoU.
    Support the appeal by the European parliament to recognise Camp Liberty as a refugee camp and respect the 10 fundamental needs of the residents, which will be provided by their own sources and funds.
    Stand by the side of the true heroes in Camp Liberty and camp Ashraf: This is the key to regional peace.
    Sima Kamyar is a former political prisoner, Chairwoman and spokesperson of the Iranian Cultural Society Sweden. Simas family has been victims of the clerics in Iran. Her niece was executed during the 1988 massacre of 120 000 political prisoners, in which inmates aged from 13 to 96 were executed collectively.


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