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600 lawmakers: Breaking the cycle of Ruse against MEK

 “The pressing issue regarding Iran is neither confronting the regime’s nuclear program issue nor its terrorism. The main issue is to change this regime…your movement and your leadership, President-elect Maryam Rajavi, have the capacity to bring about change in Iran and to establish democracy in that country.”
-Mr.Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the U.S House of Representatives, addressing Iranians in Paris, 24 June 2012.
The recent 100 000 gathering of the Iranian opposition (MEK and NCRI) had this to say to the world:
The alliance of genocide and massacre from Tehran to Baghdad to Damascus cannot withstand the gale for democratic change and Freedom. Years of futile diplomatic tussling has boiled down to consecutive setback for the West and a defiant raving religious fascism which is a threat to world peace. Regime change is inevitable. The secret to a peaceful and stable Middle East is to invest in the pivotal force which has displayed a practical ability for tolerance, organization and public support.
The leader of the opposition to the clerical regime in Iran was the key speaker at the huge gathering in Paris. Maryam Rajavi introduced as the Iranian Pasionaria by the French television is the president-elect of the national coalition of democratic and secular forces of Iran. The metal engineer graduate and former political prisoner who has lost two of her sisters during the 50s and 60s in Iran said:
Let me reiterate that the aim of this movement has never been and still is not to grab power at all costs. Our aim is to guarantee freedom and democracy at any expense The Iranian resistance has come a long way and has always been based on transparency, truth and justice and respect for mankind’s achievements and virtues. It is based on the return of international institutions to defending human rights, based on restoring the rights of the peoples and reviving the value of resistance and sacrifice.
The Iranian Leader reflected on US values and said her respect and recognition of real American values has derived from the honor and courage displayed by a line of US officials and lawmakers that have preserved the spirit of Justice and not the flawed policy of appeasement of tyrants in Iran.
It is my hope that Secretary Clinton would turn this oppressive and unfair page in the history of U.S. policy and personally bring an end to this unlawful designation,” she said.
Unlike the previous year when, speakers lashed out against the recalcitrant, fractious regime in Tehran that would not submit to the harness, this year the highlight of speeches was set on two main issues:
§  The historic achievements of the opposition in its legal battle to gain the basic right to resist Tyranny and the role of its leadership in preserving perseverance and tolerance in face of plots to disintegrate the movement.
§  The historic crossroads to make the inevitable choice of siding with the people and their resistance rather than bow to Tehran’s lies and deception.
Judge Michal Mukasey, former Attorney General of the United States, the nation’s chief law enforcement officer, said: “It is rare that people have an opportunity to hold their fate and the fate of others in their hands as we do now. And we must be careful not to open our fingers and let this chance slip away, because if we do we cannot expect to look down and find it there again. I thank you for your courage and your dedication, and the courage and dedication of Mrs. Rajavi and the entire leadership of MEK and for being an example to all of us and the world; never to give up the struggle for freedom.”
Mayor Rudy Giuliani underscored the historic stage laid out to determine the political landscape of the region and said: ”It’s about time that the United States of America, the European Union, all the countries of the world stand together with one very, very powerful voice and powerful argument; Regime change in Iran. The people of Egypt overthrew Mubarak. The people of Libya overthrew Kaddafi. The people of Syria are attempting to overthrow Assad. They’ve all been praised as freedom fighters. Well, what about the people of Iran? You seek to overthrow the most oppressive regime in the region; more oppressive than Mubarak, Kaddafi and Assad. Why are those countries that supported overthrow of those regimes not supporting the overthrow of the Iranian mullahs?”
The fact that appeasement failed completely to change the mindset of the Iranian theocracy did not discourage those who keep defending negotiations with the regime (or its “reformists” or “moderates”) at all costs.
Mayor Giuliani rejected the fallacy of negotiating with Tyrants and said: “We cling to the misguided notion that we can talk to the mullahs that we can negotiate with the mullahs. They use discussions as a pretext so that they can develop nuclear armaments. And it’s about time we stand up to them.”
The former New York mayor pointed the finger at the 100 000 gathering and said: “Wouldn’t this world be safer with an Iran that is dedicated to democracy, to freedom, freedom for women, freedom for all people, to the rule of law? Of course it would be. And unlike other places such as Egypt, Libya, Syria, there’s an alternative right now that exists here and in Iran to replace this regime: with all of you.”
Former French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy said he joined the protests to tell the Iranian people that they have support. “We are supporting the Iranian people until they get their freedom and liberate all Iranians from a corrupt regime that is not fit for ruling in the 21st century”.
Ambassador of European Union to Combat Poverty and Social Exclusion, Tasha de Vasconcelos, said she sides with the Iranian people in their demands for freedom. “I am with the change that Iranian youth want to effect.”
Ingrid Betancourt, Colombian politician, former senator and anti-corruption activist spoke passionately of the members of the Iranian resistance: “We are going to fight to the end for Ashraf residents. We will not accept their relocation without any guarantee. They are not alone and the entire world is standing with them to defend their rights.
The former hostage victim commended the brave role played by the chain of command and leadership of the MEK by women and said: “To my sisters in Ashraf: I am proud to be on the same side fighting the same combat with Maryam Rajavi. Don’t you think that a group of misogynists are going to be defeated by a group of women? We don’t accept that the mullahs are using the name of God to kill their people and to bring the atomic bomb.”
The Canadian group put forward David Kilgour, former Canadian Cabinet Minister and Deputy Speaker, as their spokesperson as they joined him on the platform. Mr. Kilgour said: The tens of thousands of us from forty countries on every continent here today, know the importance of a democratic Iran, to achieve a peaceful Middle East and world.
The gathering was a display of unparalleled bipartisan and International support for an opposition movement which is under intense reclusive smear campaign heeded by Tehran. The reverent and continuous display of support by delegates from five continents, 40 Senates and parliaments was accomplished when representatives from Syrian, Libyan and Egyptian Springs announced their support for the MEK; an incredible achievement that would melt the ice set on the dissidents by a glamorous defamation campaign.
Dr. Mosharaf from along with 300 of his friends had joined the gathering from Afghanistan in order to declare unity with the Iranian opposition in its struggle to bring freedom and democracy to Iran;
“We believe that our two nations have the same problem. It is the Tyrannical regime in Tehran that spins poison in the region. We pay tribute to Ashraf and Liberty for their perseverance and tolerance in face of all ploys by Tehran and would send this message: Regime change in Iran is not only the desire of the Iranian people but the key to regional peace, only if he MEK/MKO (Mujahedeen-e-khalq of Iran) are delisted by the State department.”
The US State Department seems to be lagging behind the gale for democratic change and unlike Obama Administration election mottos, the US foreign policy is not gaining momentum but dropping out of the inevitable political change in the Middle East. Something that would interests its Russian counterpart.
The Key to a face uplift would be to pace up and delist the pro-democracy opposition to the Iranian menace and join the growing trend of public opinion.


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