Friday, 27 April 2012

Outrageous Liars Slander MEK: Still Main Threat To Ayatollahs

MUST read Biggest liars work with Iran for complete article Officialwire columnist: These days, blaspheming MEK has opened prospects of a SEO marketing carrier for some, and a hobby for others. ParrotingTehran’s outdated lie is not the only insult to injury for respected journalists, but serving as enslaved docile pen-pals to the worst enemy of humanity is obnoxious.. “The bigger the lie the more prone to be believed” is the outline for a round-the-clock competition in a mud sliding campaign against the MEK, most probably groomed by Tehran, that outsmarts the famous World's Biggest Liar annual competition in Cumbria, England. The moral George Washington was brave enough to say, “I cannot tell a Lie” while Mark Twain concluded “Washington could not lie. I can lie, but I won't." Why is there such enormous gap of values between today’s’ American principals and that of their icons? The answer is profoundly simple: The clerical fascists are at work in Tehran. We will go over some of the most colossal and significant lies on the MEK and their tragic results. Of course, such a list cannot be comprehensive since most of the victims of this atrocious hobby have not lived to tell the truth. It is said that the truth will set one free. The first grand liar was the founder of the present Iranian government Khomeini (1). When inParisin 1978, he equivocated a vague future forIranand lied about his plot to establish a theocratic jurisprudence and said, “when the Shah is gone, I will go back toQom," implying that he would retire. When the MEK foiled his plot in an interview in keyhan- February 1979- revealing, “the intentions to derail the trend of change under the name of fighting communism for Islam," Khomeini called them “hypocrites." n a letter to the UN special reporter, a former deserter of MEK who was repatriated by the Iranian Intelligence service called Tafrashi wrote of his ordeal. “They approached all those who separated from the MEK. They would finally recruit them. We were to focus on a smear campaign against the organization. They said in order to show neutrality we should once in while lash out againstTehran, but hit harder against the group.” These instructions formed the foundations of a smearing policy by the mullah’s Intelligence agency, today advocated by Seymour Hersh, the Rubins and their off-springs. As reflected in my previous articles, ethical journalism is diminishing. Noble journalism that once reflected the truth, remains as an asset for those writers who never bent to ego and Machiavellist journalism.(5) One such example was a Washington Post article that clarified the truth about chimes involving the MEK in US military personnel assassination. (4) A partial list of spectacular lies is proof of the complicated challenge facing professional journalism in defying cheap journalism: n the life staking struggle by residents incampAshrafand their leaders, an International campaign involving the European Union, The Security Council members and the United Nations is evading bloodshed on the behest ofTehranby Iraqi forces. A long term peaceful relocation of the refugees (some members of MEK) to their countries is planned after they undergo UN registration procession. The goodwill gesture of the residents and their leadership for a volunteered relocation to camp liberty has been applauded as courageous by high ranking US officials and their European Colleagues.(10) The new location is a looted garrison, only one sixtieth of the area of their owned town Ashraf, with no basic foundations such as; portal water, electricity, sewage system. Regardless of the unequivocal control of the Iraqi forces over living conditions of the residents, we are faced with magnified lies, no doubt cycled by the ayatollahs to impair the residents’ relocation to other countries. -TabnakState-run news reported 58 residents “escaped Ashraf” for freedom. This is while all 3455 residents have already registered their applications with the UNHCR and are under the supervision of the UN. Earlier, the residents announced the number of casualties by Iraqi attacks and suppressive measures to be 45 people. The claimed 58 escapees were never verified. - During the 14-month total siege of the groups’ residency ‘Ashraf’, which made any contact with the residents impossible, Iranian press claimed MEK women had carried out a kamikaze operation inBaghdad. Lawyers, families of the residents along with diplomats had complained they were not allowed visits to the camp, and the residents were practically imprisoned by Iraqi forces. - On March 28, after a group of Ashraf residents had voluntarily relocated to the newcampLiberty, the half a kilometer residential area was attacked by mortars, whileBaghdadwas on maximum security alert for the Arab Summit. The Iranian state run Khorasan newspaper, December 27, 2011, attributed the attack to the MEK. - As the forth group of residents were preparing for relocation toCampLiberty, the Iraqi SWAT brigade attacked residents who have already agreed to refrain from retaliation as a goodwill gesture. They were abiding the MoU signed by UNAMI and Iraq which legally allows their portable belongings transferred to the new compound. This was prevented by Iraqi forces by force.(11) At the moment armored vehicles,(12) numerous police inspection posts, eavesdropping devices around the small compound and the legal presence of Iranian Intelligence agents at their doorsteps, have transitioned liberty into a prison camp. The irony of it all is the victims are blamed for “being beaten, attacked by mortars and hampering the relocation process”. Villains are let loose while the victims are chained.


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