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Outrageous Liars Slander MEK: Still Main Threat To Ayatollahs

by Fabian Mahmoudi

These days, blaspheming MEK has opened prospects of a SEO marketing carrier for some, and a hobby for others. ParrotingTehran’s outdated lie is not the only insult to injury for respected journalists, but serving as enslaved docile pen-pals to the worst enemy of humanity is obnoxious..
 “The bigger the lie the more prone to be believed” is the outline for a round-the-clock  competition in a mud sliding campaign against the MEK, most probably groomed by Tehran, that outsmarts the famous World's Biggest Liar annual competition in Cumbria, England.
 The moral George Washington was brave enough to say, “I cannot  tell a Lie” while Mark Twain concluded “Washington could not lie. I can lie, but I won't."
Why is there such enormous gap of values between today’s’ American principals and that of their icons?
The answer is profoundly simple: The clerical fascists are at work in Tehran.
 We will go over some of the most colossal and significant lies on the MEK and their tragic results. Of course, such a list cannot be comprehensive since most of the victims of this atrocious hobby have not lived to tell the truth. It is said that the truth will set one free.
 The first grand liar was the founder of the present Iranian government Khomeini (1). When inParisin 1978, he equivocated a vague future forIranand lied about his plot to establish a theocratic jurisprudence and said, “when the Shah is gone, I will go back toQom," implying that he would retire.  When the MEK foiled his plot in an interview in keyhan- February 1979- revealing, “the intentions to derail the trend of change under the name of fighting communism for Islam," Khomeini called them “hypocrites."
In 1978 the MEK, with more than 500 000 supporters only inTehranbecame the popular pro-democratic organization that advocated a platform based on the ballot box and collective participation of people in the social –political change ofIran. Its meetings packed by youth eager to understand the new promoted antithesis to Islamic fundamentalism preached by the Ayatollahs became the deathly battleground for thugs hired by the clerics. Peaceful rallies were attacked by “anonymous” organized crowds equipped with knives' axes and chains. (2) Hundreds of participants were wounded, many arrested and disappeared.
Khomeini called the meetings “against Islam and hypocritical” thus paving the way for more slaughter on the streets. When the MEK objected to “mysterious” crowds attacking and promoting fear, Khomeini in an official broadcast outflanked MEK’s demand for the “right to assemble” and said, “they blind themselves and injure themselves in their meetings and blame it on others to taint the image if Islam."
When faced with a serious rival, whose popularity and fame had reached all corners ofIranattracting the youth from all social classes, Khomeini simply issued a religious fatwa and tagged them as “Anti-Gods” and terrorists being paid by Israeli Moussad and Saddam Hussein.
While Khomeini’s’ cold-blooded  massacre of 20,000 MEK supporters was being reported in the foreign press (3), he claimed the MEK was responsible for these deaths. Later survivors of the massacre from various political tendencies revealed that the plot to massacre the prisoners was initiated in 1977 and had nothing to do with any MEK action outside the prisons.
Khomieni left a legacy of outrageous lies and brainwashing campaign against the group after his death.
In a letter to the UN special reporter, a former deserter of MEK who was repatriated by the Iranian Intelligence service called Tafrashi wrote of his ordeal. “They approached all those who separated from the MEK. They would finally recruit them. We were to focus on a smear campaign against the organization. They said in order to show neutrality we should once in while lash out againstTehran, but hit harder against the group.”
 These instructions formed the foundations of a smearing policy by the mullah’s Intelligence agency, today advocated by Seymour Hersh, the Rubins and their off-springs.
As reflected in my previous articles, ethical journalism is diminishing. Noble journalism that once reflected the truth, remains as an asset for those writers who never bent to ego and Machiavellist journalism.(5)
One such example was a Washington Post article that clarified the truth about chimes involving the MEK in US military personnel assassination. (4)
 A partial list of spectacular lies is proof of the complicated challenge facing professional journalism in defying cheap journalism:
 - Stale gossips about MEK physical involvement in the US embassy hostage crisis in Tehran has repeatedly been disapproved by those responsible at the time (6) yet some find it best to “strike while the subject is hot” only to score in google search.
- The groups’ mutilating of Christian priests inIranhas been categorically rejected in a UN report (7) and yet, the subject is still spicing articles.
- MEK involvement in terrorist acts such as bombing of the holy shrine in Mashahd has been forgotten myths even in Tehran’s smear campaigns, yet they are still favored by some mystery writers today.(8)
- Paltering facts brazenly only to use them as a rouser is repugnant for any journalist, let alone when an expired Iranian Intelligence agent such as “Khodabandeh and wife (singleton)” are used as “experts” on the subject of MEK. A tactic recently used unethically by Seymour Hersh and roused by a number of potent pro-ayatollah sites. Rehashing expired, but colossal lies will not buy ethics for such “parrotists”. The same agent is still panting out lies rejected officially by the Iranian press, probably taking his counterparts as fools. (9)
 Unfortunately, it is true as Winston Churchill once said, “"A lie can be halfway around the world before the truth gets its boots on." 
In the life staking struggle by residents incampAshrafand their leaders, an International campaign involving the European Union, The Security Council members and the United Nations is evading bloodshed on the behest ofTehranby Iraqi forces. A long term peaceful relocation of the refugees (some members of MEK) to their countries is planned after they undergo UN registration procession.
 The goodwill gesture of the residents and their leadership for a volunteered relocation to camp liberty has been applauded as courageous by high ranking US officials and their European Colleagues.(10) The new location is a looted garrison, only one sixtieth of the area of their owned town Ashraf, with no basic foundations such as; portal water, electricity, sewage system.
 Regardless of the unequivocal control of the Iraqi forces over living conditions of the residents, we are faced with magnified lies, no doubt cycled by the ayatollahs to impair the residents’ relocation to other countries.
-TabnakState-run news reported 58 residents “escaped Ashraf” for freedom. This is while all 3455 residents have already registered their applications with the UNHCR and are under the supervision of the UN. Earlier, the residents announced  the number of casualties by Iraqi attacks and suppressive measures to be 45 people. The claimed 58 escapees were never verified.
- During the 14-month  total siege of the groups’ residency ‘Ashraf’, which made any contact with the residents impossible, Iranian press claimed MEK women had carried out a kamikaze operation inBaghdad. Lawyers, families of the residents along with diplomats had complained they were not allowed visits to the camp, and the residents were practically imprisoned by Iraqi forces.
- On March 28, after a group of Ashraf residents had voluntarily relocated to the newcampLiberty, the half a kilometer residential area was attacked by mortars, whileBaghdadwas on maximum security alert for the Arab Summit. The Iranian state run Khorasan newspaper, December 27, 2011, attributed the attack to the MEK.
- As the forth group of residents were preparing for relocation toCampLiberty, the Iraqi SWAT brigade attacked residents who have already agreed to refrain from retaliation as a goodwill gesture. They were abiding the MoU signed by UNAMI and Iraq which legally allows their portable belongings transferred to the new compound. This was prevented by Iraqi forces by force.(11) At the moment armored vehicles,(12)  numerous police inspection posts, eavesdropping devices around the small compound and the legal presence of Iranian Intelligence agents at their doorsteps, have transitioned liberty into a prison camp.
The irony of it all is the victims are blamed for “being beaten, attacked by mortars and hampering the relocation process”.
 Villains are let loose while the victims are chained.
 It is rare to find integrity and honor akin to that of George Washington who “could not lie”.
In the annals of history it seems there are 10 dishonest scoundrels for every honorable hero likeWashington. This has often resulted in elaborate hoaxes, perjuries, and forgeries that had enormous ripple effects and humanitarian tragedies.
At the end it is people likeWashingtonand epics such as the resistance against ideological tyrants inTehranthat make history and not egoistic liars.

      6- The USstate department reciting cleric media have accused the MEK for participating physically in the US Embassy hostage crisis on November 4, 1979. Ervand Abrahamian’s report (1989, p. 57) suggest otherwise. While the MEK was following a policy of non-confrontation with Khomeini they chose not to support the student take over of the Embassy. ““It was later revealed that these university students were organized by Hojjat al-Islam Khoiniha, a prominent member of the IRP and the leader of the Tehran University komiteh [a morality guard organization].”. According to Massoumeh Ebtekar (Takeover in Tehran, Massoumeh Ebtekar, Talon Books, Canada, 2000, p. 234), who was the spokesperson during the hostage crisis for the radical students, the MEK “had been opposed to the takeover and the confrontation with America from the very first. In sharp contrast to lies mirrored by the State department and parroted by pro-ayatollah pundits, The MEK said the clerics had “engineered the hostage crisis to impose on the nation the ‘medieval’ concept of the velayat-e faqih.”
In return, Mohammad Reza Saadati- an MEK member was taken hostage by government thugs, trialed for treason and spying for the Russians and Mussad and executed. This was while the group mustered over half a million into the streets ofTehran. Its newspapers outsold those of the ruling clerical party by sixteen to one.
7--Accordingly, articles came out accusing the MEK of “mutilating” three dissident Christian priests. Explaining how Abdollah Nouri, a former regime Interior Minister, had admitted at his trial in November 1999 that MOIS had murdered the Christian leaders, the British member of Parliament ,Lord Avebury explained: “The concerted effort to attribute the atrocities to the Mojahedin was intended to demonize the resistance while at the same time ridding the state of troublesome Christian leaders who refused to submit to the dictatorship.
The UN Special Rapporteur on Religious Tolerance, Abdelfattah Amor, in his UN Special Rapporteur on Religious Tolerance, 9 February 1996 stated:
“The Iranian government had apparently decided to execute those Protestant leaders in order not only to bring the Mojahedin organisation into disrepute abroad by declaring it responsible for those crimes, but also, at the domestic level, partly to decapitate the Protestant community and force it to discontinue the conversion of Muslims.”
8- On 20 June 1994, the first bombing of the holy shrine of Imam Reza took place killing 26 people. In several other attempts covert NGOs claimed that MEK planted the explosives at the holy shrine in Mashad. Khamenei publicly attributed the attack on the MEK andIran’s former Foreign Minister, Ali Akbar Velayati summoned foreign ambassadors inTehranto demand that restrictions be imposed on the Mojahedin and the Iranian Resistance’s activities worldwide. During the public funeral held for the victims a large crowd chanted “Death to the MEK”.
A Cleric later revealed the act was the result of infightings and carried out by the MOIS (Iran’s notorious Intelligence service.)
(9) In 1998, during khatami’s presidency a chain of murders of dissidents occurred. The Judiciary spokesman Fotovat Savadkouhi blamed the murders on the MEK. A few days later, the Director of Islamic Propaganda Organization stated as fact: ‘These murders were carried out by the Zionists with the cooperation of the Mojahedin group.’ However, the Iranian regime was soon forced to admit that in fact the murders were the work of MOIS. A statement issued by the public relations department of MOIS in January 1999 read:
“With utmost deep regret, a number of our irresponsible and selfish colleagues at the
Ministry, who were no doubt in contact with foreign intelligence services, have committed these crimes.”( Salam’ Iranian newspaper, 6 January 1999)

Fabian is a freelance writer.


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