Saturday, 24 March 2012

Why are American MEK supporters targeted now? After the US court decision about the mandamus of the MEK (the main Iranian opposition movement known by their Farsi name, Mojahedin-e-Khalq) on their unjust designation as a foreign terrorist group, came an orchestrated campaign against US dignitaries, military and political personalities who have expressed their support for the MEK. But why all these allegations now? The simple truth is that if the State Department had any logical argument about this group and its links to terrorism, it would have provided it to the court and to the media in order to justify the designation. And that would have been the end of argument.
But as it is very routine, when there is no evidence, allegations and disinformation campaign is used as an instrument to undermine and derive the course of events.

Little by little we are witnessing footprints of well known lobbies of the Iranian regime disguised as a noble U.S. citizens or outfits, yet with a sinister intent and objective.

One of those is an indiviual called Trita Parsi. according to Washington Times, Trita Parsi, who heads the "National Iranian America Council", argues that the money is connected to the MEK and as such is trying to muddy the water for the US dignitaries who support the Iranian resistance and in particular believe terrorism designation must not be a tool of political deal-making, especially deals with the likes of the mullahs’ regime.

According to the Washington Times on March 9: "Mr. Parsi claims that officials from the State Department have privately told him that the MEK sets up 'shell organizations' to raise money. When asked about Mr. Parsi's claim, a State Department spokesman declined to comment."

So even the State Department is reluctant to confirm these allegations!

It is ironic that Trita Parsi is himself subject of an ongoing investigation for his role and function as an influence peddler of the Iranian regime in Washington, DC.

Actually this mud-slinging and slur campaign is nothing new in Iranian politics at all. The Iranian regime's notorious secret service, MOIS , is a master of tarnishing the image of the regime's dissidents.

But there is another side to this experience. Whenever the person who was targeted showed no fear and did not succumb, the MOIS had no choice but to retreat.

In this case, as they have no evidence against the MEK they try to conjure up evidences and as such to neutralize MEK supporters.

This group of U.S. senior former officials represent an impressive, bipartisan group that is a very rare in Washington, DC. They include three Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Director of FBI, the Attorney General, the State Department’s coordinator of anti-terrorism, the State Department’s director of policy planning, the U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, two Chairmen of the Democratic National Committee, two CIA Directors, the President’s National Security Advisor and the President’s Homeland Security Advisor, believe the U.S's principles and values are not matters of bargaining, with Baghdad tyrants, their masters in Tehran or anyone to that effect. They are the voice of conscience of the true values of the US.

They are the ones who dared to do the difficult right, instead of going with the easy wrong.

They do not want to witness again that US put MEK off its list after mullahs are gone, very similar to what happened to Nelson Mandela and its organization. He was targeted by the same allegations but nothing could stop him and his movement to restore freedom and democracy in their country.

But this could be a slough for mullahs' lobbies and those at the Foggy Bottom who have gone over the board over the years in their bid to appease Tehran tyrants. It seems they have not noticed that the end game is near and the death bell for the defunct policy of appeasement and all of its by-products, including the inclusion of the dissidents in the terror list is ringing.


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