Saturday, 24 March 2012

Apologies to US Supporters of MEK: Never Support Democracy Side with Mullahs and Tyrants for Immunity in US Elections
What could be the reason for Nazi style defamation against certain line of US politicians who have spoken for basic American values: Democracy and Independence?

They are either driven by expedient actions guided primarily by self-interested motives for election or misguided policy steered from Tehran.

President Obama’s campaign mottos included “Organize for change and "Help me take back America". These embrace values embedded in the American Revolution for independence and democracy from British “Illegitimate tyranny” during the 17 century. If “change” and “American values” are still watchwords of the Administration, then it is unequivocal to presume any person “friend or foe” advocating and paying the price to promote them is a staunch.
It is a knife in the back of these friends to accuse them of “risking reputation for speaking for MEK” while they are practically standing resolute against the enemy.

To be crystal clear: It is recreant not to defend such values when the opportunity arises.

Genuine American values, respected internationally, root from the American Revolutionary war and the Declaration of Independence.

“Basic Democracy” is taken for granted today. The composed Greek word (dēmos) "people" and κράτος (kratos) "power" practiced in the “House” today. This good fortune is a consequence of a combined effort of “militias” and “revolutionaries” who confronted British generals such as Gage in deathly and long armed struggle to gain an “Independent” democracy called the “United States of Americas”.

British colonialism tax demands were announced Illegitimate and the rule Tyrannical.

The illegitimacy of a tyrant led to an unwavering armed struggle for independence and democracy.

The same values today can be perverted in an artful hypocritical smear campaign to legitimize appeasement over the same values that made “America” in exchange for short term interests; inglorious to basic American values.

The MEK, the oldest pro-democracy movement in current Iranian history, has been labeled a terrorist despite the fact that they follow the footsteps of “American militias” who fought for the Nations independence from a Tyrannical and colonial system. It observes the same set of values but in Iran’s own social-political and historic context.

It is not a display of courage to daub the truth and vilifying a line of noble US and European gallant men and women who are steadfast to speak it out: Stand with democracy not Tyranny.

Speaking in rallies of a pro-democracy movement is the only credible thing to do if we are to prove our loyalty to American values.

We should not forget that the MEK is the best organized and most formidable opposition to the current Iranian regime. It has challenged the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism for the past 34 years. It is the MEK that provides hope for the current Iranian people that far exceeds what the US and Europeans can offer short of direct intervention.

Littered by ominous tags and labels by the tyrants in theocratic totalitarianism in Tehran for the past 35 years, which is not surprising, they still peruse a democratic and universal platform.

General Hugh Shelton once in a conference (July 2011) said; when you look at the 10-point program of human rights platform published by President-elect Mrs. Rajavi, which emphasizes the same religious and gender freedoms that are emphasized and advocated by the U.S. Department of State, to me, it makes it a no-brainer.

The group's platform declares its commitment to democracy, free speech and sexual equality as well as opposition to the death penalty: 'We recognize private property, private investment and market economy.' The tyrants of Tehran are manifestly unwilling to submit themselves to a free and fair election of its own people which is the central element in the MEK platform.

MEK has served a large and important international interest because of its ability to reveal the clandestine activities of the regime in Tehran in contravention of repeated resolutions by the Security Council and the International Atomic Energy Agency.

The fundamental question outstanding is why those defending genuine American values are in the line of fire, while our real enemy: The theocratic totalitarian regime; Godfather of terrorism; religious fundamentalism; deception and political fraud is let lose to accomplish its main objective.

Why do we not see a real revelation campaign covering atrocities of the Tehran regime, its pundits in Capital Hill and Europe and its covert NGOs and organisations?

If there is logic behind this opportunist trend, it is flawed.

The best we could serve the tyrants in Tehran is to add diversity and difference in our collective front against one main enemy, not within, but outside: Warmongering clerical fascists in Iran.

We have repeated testimonies of 4000 European representatives, more than 130 House representatives, 1800 jurists, senior officials in our American intelligence and counter-terrorism activities and senior American military officials, along with 7 Highest European Courts, US high Court, French and Spanish High courts: pointing the finger for “terrorism” away from the MEK and to the Iranian Regime.

If Rendell, Romney and many others are to be fingered and smeared, it would only be logical to broaden the litigation campaign and cover thousands more who echo the same: MEK is a pro-democracy movement and anti-thesis to the Tyrants in Iran.

To clarify the contradictions, question marks, and ambivalence we only have to answer two pivotal questions:

Whose side are we on, the “freedom seekers” or the “illegitimate tyrants”?
Which is the obvious enemy and threat to our “values and independence


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