Thursday, 12 January 2012

Baha’i student expelled from the University of Zahedan

Shokoufeh Moeddi, a Baha’i and a first semester student of information technology at Payam Nur University in Zahedan, was expelled from the university because of her belief in the Baha’i Faith.

According to the ” Human Rights House of Iran” website, Shokoufeh Moeddi receives a letter from the university on December 31 to the effect that she has been expelled from the university. She goes to the university the next day and asks for the reason for her expulsion.

University officials send her to go to the office of “Protection”. Shokoufeh Moeddi goes to the office of “Protection” and asks them about the reason for her expulsion. At first, the office of “Protection” tells her that she has to go to the Payam Nur University in Tehran to find out about the reason. But after her insistence, they tell her verbally that the reason for her expulsion is her belief in the Baha’I Faith and that the order came from Tehran.

Shokoufeh Moeddi has asked the university for a tuition refund and the university officials requested for her bank account number to deposit the refund. But she has not yet been refunded.


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