Friday, 6 January 2012

Another Absurd Masquerade at Camp Ashraf Entrance Staged by Quds force Terrorists and MOIS Agents

Camp Ashraf military occupation- No. 190

NCRI - On Tuesday 27 December, a number of Quds terrorists and affiliates of the mullahs’ regime ministry of intelligence staged a gathering at the front entrance of Ashraf. The gathering was setup under orders of the Iranian Embassy and in coordination with Ashraf Suppression Committee in Iraq. The individuals had been present at the entrance for 10 days staying in a building complex called Moein. They were transfered to the main entrance by Iraqi forces in groups starting 9 am.

A number of reporters representing media affiliated to the Iranian regime were brought to this stage-managed gathering. Reporters were there to give coverage to this event as gathering of families who want to see their relatives in Ashraf.

Reporters were taking photos and films from the participants, who were agents of the regime and terrorist Qods force, while they were threatening and intimidating the residents with their loudspeakers. The Iranian regime’s media reporters were also seen conducting interviews with the participants in the gathering complaining that they were prevented from seeing their relatives in Ashraf.

On Sunday night 25 December, Quds force terrorists attacked Ashraf with rockets. The rockets landed near buildings, some of which are occupied by women.

Building new fortifications that started last week still continue. To do this the units receive help from 5th Division of Iraqi army engineering and their heavy machinery.

Staging such masquerades and also building fortifications around the camp is part of preparations to attack the defenseless residents at the end of the year.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 27, 2011


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