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MEK Claus: Why Christ to Spartacus to Thomas Jefferson to the MEK/PMOI?

Before I begin my long essay explaining the meaning behind the above title I have to make an introduction for the purpose of this series of essays: I begun this stream during Christmas time and It is a matter of Honor, Choice and Values. If you are bored with these terms, you can stop reading right now. 

With Christmas Season passing, one can’t help think about basic values and how one has lived to realize them through the past year. For some the “good” is only fictitious and the “bad” is everyday life , while eccentrically killing all values and justifying it as “collateral damage” , life is only satisfying one’s self ego and getting a check list ticked. But these two “terms” have been in our ears since we were children. It has never been buried regardless of modern life disbelievers.

Most of us dreamt of the “heroes” who helped vanquish the evil and restore the Good when were children. Icons such as Robin Hood, Richard the lion heart, Spartacus later on evolved into Thomas Jefferson and Che Guevara and Martin Luther king as we grew older. But this line of confrontation has always existed in history; from Moses  who stood up against the tyrants of Egypt to Jesus who taught the poor how to confront poverty up to  Mohammad and his disciples who fought to defeat deception and warmongering of the tyrants’ plundering under the name of religion. This confrontation, despite the price and the sadness it has brought for those undertaking its burdens directly, has been the cause of social evolution and defeating of all historic dogmas restricting or hampering the evolution of mankind.

The marginalization of “good” and “bad” has been an essential spotlight to keep those who want the best good ending. 
Each era, will have its landmarks and the spotlight that make the difference in people’s choice in taking sides.

Taking sides with the “good” obviously is not tantamount to a heavenly reward on earth. It is mostly as painful as giving birth. But then again, that pain is the result of elements that cannot be ignored and are essential for the formation and preparation of the fetus for its next stage of evolution.

Imagine for one moment that you were present at the scene of the last “trial” of Jesus Christ by the Roman emissary. What would you have done if you knew that Christ was the “Light”? Silence would under the circumstances, be accomplice to the crime of his crucification. Even after his barbaric death, the repugnance and misery of keeping silence would bear the same as of those who nailed his hands and feet and lashed and tortured him during his last hours. Criticizing him for his wrath and “violence” at the temple against the malicious religious tyrants’ lust for wealth ,would be exactly helping his killers; spitting on him while he was carrying his own cross on his drained shoulders would be as if one is shutting all doors of humanity on his face.

So what would you have done?

It is exactly under such arduouscircumstances that only those who had faith in his values and stood up for the “good”, such as his mother, paid the price and gave him water and cleaned hisblood dripping forehead before he was pushed away again to be crucified.

But change, bears a heavy price. It was his opening remark to one of his followers when he was alerted of the consequence of allowing his capture; this is the price for the change of mankind. Surely he was referring to a never ending value with distinctive precincts from the Bad and very much in reach of mankind on earth?
Where I come from, conscience and honor outweighs pragmatic short term claustrophobic eager to get the “benefits” out of life at the price of some one else’s head.

 It is not fictitious to sacrifice ones ego to help others get a better chance in life, and there is a serious battle between the “good” and the “bad” and where the “light” gets even more active, when the “dark” strikes the heart and minds of people. In such a place, heroes are real people who have suffered extensively only to prevent others from suffering. They are the real people who first sacrifice when the time comes without “reconsidering “the odds and balancing the price for that sacrifice.

They compete in this honorable preservation of basic humanitarian values and with each competition they are hurt, but deep inside they know quite well that they are paving the way for all generations to come, to have what they never had: Freedom. The key to all the “cultish ““terrorist” features in sacrificing for others has been: un-conditional, one sided love.

Mankind makes history, but it is not his objective. 
History is made of decisions of each and every one of us, when we are confronted with making the choice to side with the “good” or the “bad”. 

What has always distinguished us from other forms of creation has been “the Freedom” to make “choices” and the “Will” tokeep to the “sacrifice” we have to make to bring about a “change”. Hardly anything is changed without a push from somewhere and that push has a price. Making the right choice at the right time will be determinant in the direction the history of mankind is taking, either to the steep hills of the land of lost values; betrayal; murder; extinction or prosperity; freedom; warmth and love?

I am speaking of the Mujahedin – e – Khalqof Iran (MEK/PMOI).  The Iranian opposition movement that was formed more than 40 years ago.

The past couple of months the MEK/PMOI havemade headlines. It may not be surprising for many who know the situation because of prior history, while for others it is not even a subject matter. I am speaking about the “eye of the storm” that has changed our history so far and will change the history of the region in the future and mankind later.

I am speaking of that “spotlight” that shines on the margins of distinction between the “Tyrant, torturer, Killer, oppressor, fascist, deceptive, demagogue religious Mullahs” and the “Demos Crotas” ( The Latin word for Democracy which in simple words is the peoples participation in Ruling).

It is today’s landmark  for loyalty to uphold the values which represent the “good “and the litmus test for all those who wonder where they stand in the story of Scrooge.

I shall explain why in my next essays.


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